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illustration studio TEPPiNG
illustration studio TEPPiNG

I live in Tokyo Japan. I studied illustration and graphic design in the university. Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance illustrator.
I work on a wide range of illustrations such as books, textbooks, public relations magazines, magazines, advertising posters for commercial facilities, CD jackets, and novelty goods for theater companies. Most of the illustrations I receive request recently are related to education and child-rearing.
In 2015, I also set up an activity base in Oaxaca, Mexico, opened a gallery cafe, and started planning and management.
Currently, I also focusing on video production such as animation.
I continue to work while feeling the joy of drawing and connecting through activities. I'm working on the concept of delivering an image that spreads the circle of smiles by grabbing it. Please feel free to contact us for requests and consultations.


UNIQLO Creative Award:"Uncle and Poppoppo" T-shirts have been released at UNIQLO in 6 countries around the world

Picture book "Boys and girls walking in Japan": "House and Town Picture Book Contest" sponsored by the Ministry of Education, etc. Executive Committee Chairman's Award


Akachantomama ATARI performance ALBA ANA NHK publishment Ongakunotomosha Gakken KADOKAWA Kyoikushuppan Kyoikugeijyutstu Meti Sekaibunkasha JR East Shueisha JTEKT Jiyukokokuminsha Shorinsha Sony Music Diamond Chuohouki CHINTAI DHC TVasahi Tokyoshoseki Tokushima newspaper TOYOTA finance theatrical company『NYLON100℃』 NIKKEI BP Japan College of Social Work PARCO Hankyu commnications PHP President Benesse Magazine house Mitsubishi Mori building YAMAHA MUSIC MEDIA Yotsuya otsuka UNIVERSAL MUSIC etc.


For example, I would like to draw a picture that can add color to everyday life, like the joy of finding a flower that just bloomed this morning on the side of the road that I'm used to, which is boring.


I draw with acrylic paint and a pen tablet.
I try to draw pictures that make me feel the story and illustrations that convey the warmth of hand-painting. Recently, there are increasing opportunities to request animations and videos that make use of the texture of illustrations.
Software:illustrator・photoshop etc.
Software:premier pro・after effect・imovie etc.


2020 Event『gallery & cafe』 in gallery201

2018 Event『Picture story tour』in gallery Nijigarou

2017 Interview magazine『Illustration No215』in Genkosha

2015 Lecture for students in Utsunomiya Bunsei University

2014 Event of sumo in embassy Mexico

2012 Event to teach painting in Gallery Rafu

2011 Event to teach painting in Gallery Yasashii yokan


2020 『Animal Days』 Shinagawa,Tokyo, Gallery201

2019 『Hot chocolate art & cafe』 Shinagawa,Tokyo, Gallery201

2018 『Unsweetened Fancydays』 Kichijyoji,Tokyo, nijigarou

2017 『7colors diary』 Shinagawa,Tokyo, Gallery201

2017 『Animal world』 Jiyugaoka,Tokyo, Gallery GUILD

2016 『From the country of the sun』 Youga,Tokyo, Brass Coffee Bases

2014 『Lindo Mundo de Japón 』Mexicocity,Mexico gallery ESPACIO JAPONJapan Embassy in MExico

2013 『TEPPiNG in MEXICO 』 Oaxaca,Mexico, Lobo Azul Cafe・chaen Mexicocity

2012 『Boys and girls traveling in Japan』 Urawa,Saitama, Rafu

2011 『Travel in the world』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2010 『Secret corridor』 Meguro,Tokyo, Gallery Yasashii yokan

2010 『Calendar on the windowsill』 Urawa,Saitama, Rafu

2008 『from the window without cartain』 Meguro,Tokyo, Gallery Yasashii yokan

2007 『Exhibitions every day』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2007 『nonstop flight』 Ikebukuro,Tokyo, Marupu Design gallery

2006 『Twinkle 2006』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2006 『NO J-POP, NO PICTURE』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2005 『Alone Cowboy』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2005 『TEPPiNG Shop』 Tokyo Big Sight, Design festa

2004 『The first TEPPiNG exhibition』 Setagaya,Tokyo ZiPANG

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